Celebrate Norooz 2014 with Arya!

March 2014 is here, and more importantly, so are the signs of spring! Can you think of a single better way to celebrate the sunshine, fresh air, flowers and rejuvenation of springtime than by heading over to Arya for our Norooz celebration?

Neither can we.

As your premier restaurant and banquet facility serving Persian cuisine in the San Jose and Palo Alto areas, we would like to offer you a taste of Persian culture too. All are welcome to attend. To get things started, here is a brief introduction to the holiday of Norooz.

A Celebration of Spring

For over 3,000 years, the New Year has been marked by the Persian celebration of Norooz, and it is celebrated on the Spring Equinox. As a nonreligious holiday, it is celebrated by many different religious groups worldwide, but especially in modern day Iran and several surrounding countries.

There are many traditions associated with Norooz, from spring cleaning in preparation for holiday festivities to outdoor picnics. Many people also observe the New Year by growing a small dish of lentil grass or wheatgrass and preparing a table of traditional foods, often including wheat or lentils, apples, garlic, sumac, and vinegar, to name just a few.

But as with the most important of holidays, the family and friends you celebrate with are what make Norooz special. At Arya, we invite you to celebrate with your friends and family while enjoying our favorite Persian specialties, entertainment, and top notch service.

Enjoy Norooz dinner & celebration at Arya

Make your reservation at Arya to enjoy our special Norooz menu and evening of entertainment. It will be a night to remember.


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